Hello Peck Slippers!

We are going to be launching our first Screen-Free Night of the 2018-2019 school year on November 13th. 

What is screen free night? 

It is one night a month where families take a night off of electronic devices and spend quality time with each other.

Some guidelines:

  • We realize we live in a digital world, and families have work/commitments that require screens. We are suggesting that usage be minimized on this night as much as possible so when we are interacting with our kids we giving them our full attention.
  • Don’t have a landline? In those cases treat the cell phone like a phone and make/receive calls as needed.
  • Want to capture the moment? The cell phone is also your camera – take a couple of snaps you can look at later.

Where you come in:

  • Help by creating hype for this event with your family. Ask your kids about activities they would like to do on Screen-Free Night, and involve them in the planning.
  • Create a list of possible activities that you could do in advance of the night to get people prepared/excited for it!  Here are some ideas to get you started:
  1. Put on a Play/Make a Puppet Show.
  2. Have a Dressing Up session
  3. Make an indoor obstacle course.
  4. Make music with whatever instruments you have; grab a tambourine and shake it along to your favorite song if that is all you have!
  5. Dance Party! Invite the neighbors and get down on it.
  6. Play board games/do puzzles.
  7. Read books. Set the mood with dim lights, (safe) candles, fake (or real) fire place. You can read to your kids – or with them!
  8. Build a pillow den.
  9. Play Charades.
  10. Have a room tidying contest to see who can tidy their room the fastest. Yes, they may fall for this one, but only once, so save it for an emergency!
  11. Bake a treat, or make dinner and clean up together 🙂

There have been many articles written about technology and kids.  Here are a few articles that outline some of the dangers of tech dependence, and allowing children access at too young an age:






Last year, we held our first screen free night and we had so many glowing reports from kids as well as adults letting us know how much fun they had.  We hope you will give it a try!