We had a great week finishing up our T-Shirt Factory and Author Study unit. We also enjoyed meeting with some of you yesterday during conferences.

In writing this week the students chose one of their fiction pieces to publish. They first read their piece to a peer to make sure that it made sense and had all the required fiction elements. The students gave great constructive criticism and really enjoyed doing a peer review. Next, the students used a checklist as they read over their first drafts. They looked for things like capitalization, punctuation, dialogue, etc.  Finally, the students re-wrote their work on paper that they chose, drew pictures and made a cover. We love the final product!

In math, the students finished up the T-Shirt factory. They had a chance to decorate their Peck Slip T-Shirts and will have the option to wear them on Monday. We will keep them at school so that students don’t forget them. They will be sent home Monday afternoon.

On Thursday the entire second grade saw a puppet show (click here to see pictures)  put on by the NYC Kids Project that talked about inclusion, respect and connection. The students were introduced to 3 puppets: Melody, who has ADHD, Ronaldo, who is blind, and Mark, who has CP. They listened to a description about their disabilities and how they adapt to their environment. We continued the conversation in the classroom and the kids really took to heart how children and adults all have different needs and use various tools or coping skills to help them learn throughout the day or navigate in their community. Ask your child what he/she learned.

This week, we started to introduce our new content study – birds, by reading bird books as our read aloud. We are really excited to officially launch the unit on Monday!


March 13th – 2017 Spring DreamBox Math Learning Challenge starts!

March 20th 2:05-2:35 – Come join our class and observe Bill Gordh in action!

March 22 – Field trip to the American Museum of Natural History to the Hall of Birds